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Best Medical AI Development Provider: Connecting Innovation Technology


Best Medical AI Development Provider: Connecting Innovation Technology l Onyx Healthcare

With the pursuit of national health, Onyx Healthcare focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of medical equipment through technology integration in the information industry. We market our products globally with our own brands and provide ODM/OEM/EMS professional OEM services. The current main products include AI Ready Medical PC、AIO Medical Panel PC、 Medical Tablet、Mobile Cart Computer, Medical Display and Medical UPower Bank for Medical AI / Telemedicine / Mobile Nursing / Digital Mobile OR / Emergency Care / Medical Imaging with uncompromised quality to the global healthcare market. Through a complete supply chain management system, we provide customers with the fastest and most accurate product design and service support. Onyx Healthcare uses intelligent automation technology to optimize product production processes to reduce downtime and strengthen productivity through optimization processes. We integrate intelligent automation and robotics technology into existing equipment and factories, deploying fast, customized production lines within the factory to add value. Onyx Healthcare has passed ISO13485/14001/9001/CE/FCC medical certifications /patents and won Taiwan Excellence Award / National Innovation Award / UK Best Medical AI Solutions Developer Award / Best Choice Award. Our production line relies on a certified high-quality management system which through the most advanced production equipment, experienced R&D team and mature supply chain platform, which can help customers design unique products according to customer needs and create solutions that are sustainable, cost-effective and meet product needs. Onyx Healthcare also has complete system integration capabilities to meet customer needs.


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