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Design Service

4KV Isolation (LAN, COM, USB)

4 KV isolation protection is available for LAN, COM and USB ports for additional safety on devices designed for used in medical environments. 4 kV isolation is crucial to protecting patients, operators and medical equipment from harmful surges or spikes in the electrical signal. Onyx components with isolation protection are designed to pass a 4.6 KV/1 min. isolation test.


Onyx devices support the Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) standard for the transmission of medical imaging information, including the DICOM grayscale standard display function (GSDF). A calibration tool and software package is available for customers to calibrate their Onyx display solution by themselves. The color temperature for DICOM solutions can also be adjusted based on customer preference.

Hot Swappable Battery

Onyx’s unique dual hot swappable battery system combines with our proprietary Smart Battery Management System (sBMS) for managing uninterrupted, 24/7 power for all our battery operated products. The 60/90/120/180watt-hour lithium batteries are made from high quality Japanese power cells, and include a built-in battery capacity indicator. Convenient 2-slot and 6-slot charging stations can quickly charge multiple batteries simultaneously.

IP65/NEMA/IEC 60529 Waterproofing

Medical grade electronic devices require constant cleaning with disinfectant to ensure they do not carry dangerous bacteria that are harmful to patients. Onyx’s IP65 rated devices are designed to be waterproof to protect against damage from cleaning fluids and ingress of any other liquids found in medical environments. IP65 includes 100% protection against dust and water splashes from any direction.

PoE+/TPM/iAMT/NFC/USB 3.1/DDR4/Wide PowerRange

Onyx products include cutting edge ultra-high speed USB 3.1 and DDR4 technology, along with TPM and RFID/NFC support for securing data on hospital networks. Our products can accommodate 9–30V DC power input and up to 25 W of power supplied by PoE+ via LAN cable. Additional PoE+ benefits include remote power supply management and short-circuit and over current protection to ensure product safety.

Android Development

Onyx provides enhanced technical support by partnering with Intel, Microsoft, and Freescale. As part of the Intel Early Access Program, we help develop the latest platforms to share with our customers, ensuring high performance and a long lifecycle for ODM products. Our experienced software team can build custom Windows 7/8 Embedded OS images in just one week. Linux solutions include Ubuntu, Fedora and RedHat, with services to develop ODM products based on Android platforms such as Texas Instruments, Samsung and NVIDIA (including board support package).

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