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Onyx Healthcare has joined the Nvidia Partner Network as a hardware manufacturing partner for their medical AI ecosystem solutions. Nvidia and Onyx Healthcare are dedicated to working together with medical customers to speed up the implementation of AI technology to make significant contributions to improving healthcare for people everywhere.


At NVIDIA, we are very aware that the Medical AI Age is coming and promises enhanced accuracy and improved efficiency in medical fields covering radiology, endoscopathy, ophthalmology and cytometric analysis, among others. Because of this, NVIDIA has partnered with Onyx Healthcare to take on the challenges of the Medical AI Age. The healthcare industry constantly demands new AI algorithms for computing paradigms to meet the growing need for personalized medicine, next-generation clinics, enhanced quality of care, and breakthroughs in biomedical research to treat disease. With NVIDIA and Onyx Healthcare working together, healthcare institutions can harness the power of artificial intelligence and high-performance computing to define the future of medicine.

Rupali Deshpande / NVIDIA Global Partner Business Manager

NVIDIA AIoT Solution

Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more popular in different applications, Onyx is working with NVIDIA to develop new AI medical products. Our combined commitment creates better, and smarter AI medical devices and applications. With our close collaboration in medical AI product development and shared worldwide marketing programs, Onyx and NVIDIA are advancing innovation for medical AI applications.


An application framework optimized for healthcare and life sciences developers

AI Edge Computing with NVIDIA Jetson Platform

ACCEL-JS series with the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier™ is a compact, high performance medical AI accelerator especially designed to fit AI market segments. Medical AI developers can utilize the ACCEL-JS series to build containerized AI-skills on the Jetson software stack. With sidecar deployment, aftermarket medical devices can be upgraded to perform AI functions with easy deployment. Furthermore, medical instruments can also have ACCEL-JS500 easily built-in with its compact size, reaching new generations with powerful AI performance. Onyx also provides OEM/ODM service helping partners perfectly integrate medical devices to the healthcare field.

NVIDIA JetPack SDK for End-to-End AI applications deployment
Multiple I/O support for video to do computing and analysis
NVIDIA Jetson Partner

AI Inference with NVIDIA Quadro

NVIDIA GPU provides an immediate path to greater deep learning performance. GPUs had evolved into highly parallel multi-core systems, allowing very efficient manipulation of large blocks of data. This design is more effective than general-purpose central processing unit (CPUs) for algorithms in situations where processing large blocks of data is done in parallel. Processing large blocks of data is basically what deep learning does.

High performance AI inference system
Accelerate AI calculating
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