• Solution Solution
  • Digital Operation Room

    Digital Operation Room

  • AI and Robots

    AI and Robots

  • Intelligent Power management

    Intelligent Power management

  • Smart Ward

    Smart Ward

  • Intelligent nurse station

    Intelligent nurse station

  • Telecare & Telemedicine

    Telecare & Telemedicine

  • Emergency medical service

    Emergency medical service

  • Remote System Management

    Remote System Management

MedLINC—accelerating medical IT solutions into the future of mobile connectivity.

As wireless technologies continue to play an ever-increasing role in the administration of patient care in hospitals and other areas of the healthcare industry. MedLINC, our newest line of medical solutions featuring the latest technology focused on supporting wireless connectivity and mobility. Onyx has partnered with top-tier industry leaders to provide the most up-to-date and advanced medical IT hardware and software solutions to cover all sectors of the healthcare industry. From hospital wards and nursing stations, to x-ray and functional imaging, to operating rooms and ICUs, MedLINC solutions provide the mobile connectivity necessary to keep your medical IT devices communicating no matter where they are located, while at the same time offering the stability and convenience necessary to let medical professionals focus on what they do best—provide the highest quality care possible to their patients.

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