Sustainable Development

Onyx Healthcare Inc. commits itself to the social responsibilities, in order to implement its corporate social responsibility, the Sustainable Development Committee was set up, responsible for the proposal and implementation of institutions, management approches, goals, and specific promotion plans regarding corporate social responsibility, based on the principles of “Implementation of Corporate Governance”, “Sustainable Development”, “Maintenance Social Welfare” and “Enhancing Corporate Social Responsibility of Information Disclosure”.

On the other hand, respect the benefits of stakeholders, identify stakeholders of the Company, understand reasonable expectations and needs of our stakeholders through appropriate way of communication and adequately respond corporate social responsibility issues of their concern.

While pursuing profitability and sustainable business operations, Onyx Healthcare Inc. is also concerned about the environment, society and corporate governance factors, and take these factors into account in its corporate management approach and operations to promote economic, environmental and social progress in order to achieve the objectives of sustainable development.

Sustainable Development Committee

In 2023/11/7, we, Onyx Healthcare, established the Sustainable Development Committee. Convened by the Independent Directors, the Sustainable Development Committee is formed with the three Independent Directors and two senior mangeres. It holds at least two committee meeting each year or meetings on material issues aperiodically. In 2023, the committee held 1 meetings. Through eight working groups: Sustainable R&D, Green Design, Responsible Production, Sustainable Supply Chain, Corporate Governance, Sustainable Society, Environmental Sustainability and Happy Enterprise, the committee integrates sustainable development to the corporate business strategy and reports to the board of directors (Board) the ESG-related strategies and effectiveness of implementation at least once a year.

Main authority:

  • To formulate corporate social responsibility, sustainable development direction and goals, and formulate relevant management policies and specific promotion plans.
  • To promote and implement the Company's integrity management and risk management and other related work.
  • To track, review, and revise the implementation and effectiveness of the Company's sustainable development.
  • Other matters to be performed by the Committee pursuant to the resolution of the Board of Directors.
  • Report the status of implementation to the Board at the end of each year.

Committee meetings attendance
Number of The Committee meetings held since Nov 7, 2023 till now: One time.

Implementation Status

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