Social Engagement

Onyx Healthcare Inc. believes in the principle of "Give to society what you take from society". We periodically hold and participate in charitable events every year. Integrating with our neighborhood, caring for society, promote education in remote areas while pursuing company growth and dedicating to technology research and development.​

Community Caring Tour

The welfare committee organizes has regularly caring tours to encourage staff to participate and provide them with the necessary supplies.
2018 WenShan Harmony Home - Onyx Healthcare Inc. donated supplies worth about NT$21,832 in total.​​
2019 Chung Yi Social Welfare Foundation - Onyx Healthcare Inc. donated supplies worth about NT$25,098 in total.​​

Participation in blood drives of the neighborhood

Onyx Healthcare Inc. actively participate in the blood drive event jointly held by the park each quarter and encourage our staff to participate in the event, with the enthusiastic participation of everyone at the park, in 2019 ,we have managed to collect 1,002 bags of blood (each 250CC) .​​​​​

Onyx Healthcare Inc. with love - Donation of second-hand supplies

To assist vulnerable groups to increase income through charity sale of goods,  2019, the Welfare Committee of Onyx Healthcare Inc. held “Onyx Healthcare Inc. with love - Donation of second-hand supplies”, organized, boxed and packaged a total of 103 boxes filled with commodities, books, stationery, clothing, shoes, bags and toys. And the chairman of the board of directors, Y.S. Chuang, CEO Bob Wang along with the Welfare Committee handed the boxes to logistics service to be sent to HuaLien Woodpecker Association.​​​

The “HuaLien Woodpecker Association” trains youth community involvement, community care, re-use of resources, passing community work down to the next generation.Onyx Healthcare Inc. organizes donation of second-hand supplies annually, through reusing second-hand supplies to help schools and children in rural areas to have a different learning experience. Allowing Onyx Healthcare Inc. to not only excel in its industry but also enrich the lives of our staff and commit to our corporate social responsibilities through these charitable events.​​

Participation the event held by the AAEON Foundation - Discovery Tech Wonderland

Onyx Healthcare Inc. participated in the Art Point events held by the AAEON Foundation which hosted a series of educational art events in rural area schools in Chiayi, Taitung, Yunlin, Ilan and Changhua and were met with great interest. However, in the process, we strongly felt the rural-urban gap in technology education resources. To enrich the technology education resources in rural school, the AAEON Foundation donated NT$1 million as well as launching the “Living technology Tour” and “Three-day tour of technology exploration” of the “Promotion of technology education program - Discovery Tech Wonderland”. Between March and May 2019, in two tours and four buses, 185 senior primary students, teachers, principals and 24 of our staff participated in the event. The event arranged various attractions allowing the children to experience various technology resources, Onyx Healthcare Inc. granted a day of leave for the staff volunteering to encourage participation. In 2019, we further donated NT$2 million to the AAEON Foundation and jointly launched “2019 Discovery Tech Wonderland - rural school technology education tour” and “2019 classical music magic hut - rural areas”.​​

Annual Coastal Cleanup

Taiwan is an island state, but we are all strangers to the ocean. Knowledge of the general public about the ocean is dominated by “seafood culture” but lacks “marine culture”.The coastlines of Taiwan are extremely beautiful and not at all second to any other attractions around the world, but marine garbage is a problem that everyone tends to overlook; the staff of Onyx Healthcare Inc. work as a team to make an effort towards a sustainable marine environment.

The 2019 annual corporate joint coastal cleanup successfully completed on 2019/9/21, this year, Up to 200 people participated in the eventl!


After classification, we found that many of the marine garbage are one-time use items from our daily lives such as straws, cups, plastic bottle and its caps, cigarette butts and styrofoam buoy used by the fishery industry, the most dangerous among them, medical injection needles, gas tanks, lighters and complete body cases of motorcycle, much to the volunteers' surprise.

Since the Coastal Cleanup event began in 2016, the number of participants grew each year. We look forward to having more colleagues join us next year. Let us show our love for the ocean by our action and reduce waste at the source for a sustainable environment.


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