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Enteroscopy polyp identification

An important concern for doctors and patients during the endoscope exam would be relating to the polyps hidden in the folds of an intestinal wall that can be overlooked, and are not easy to detect. With the help of AI, real-time results can be more accurate in finding any problem areas. However, AI requires high-performance hardware in order to operate. The Onyx ACCEL series is compatible with a variety of major AI computing models. So that medical personnel will not be affected by fatigue or environmental factors and can always provide the best medical service to their patients.

Minimally invasive spinal surgery robot-assist system

Due to the spine has many nerves, patients are often worried about accidental injury caused during the operation. Surgeons have to be 100% attention and make sure their hand are steady during the spinal operations lasting three hours, on average. With a robotic arm, surgeons have the benefit of a tool that can be positioned to aid the physician while performing an operation and help with fatigue. Onyx Accel series all have medically certified and includes high-resolution image output and real-time image recognition by the combination of a variety of high performance AI modules. Our solution enables the AI system to immediately warn when the surgeon’s operating range is slightly shifted to reduce the dangers to patients during spinal operations and to assist orthopedic physicians in performing higher-quality medical treatment.


Laboratory personnel can use external medical devices to enhance ultrasonic imaging and transmit the data to an ACCEL-VM500 medical PC to understand the effects of the local delivery of medicine. This AI enabled platform can also perform big data analysis on data input, comparing it to a standardized genomic database, to build an association graph and prediction model based on known diseases and treatments to assist professionals in identifying underlying disease threats, thus greatly improving efficiency, accuracy, and quality of medical care while reducing the cost of genomic analysis.

Sports Center

Physiological data generated during exercise through motion sensing technology can be projected on the large screen Onyx ACCEL-A2701 for easy review. When combined with AI sensing technology, more accurate measurements of heart rate, pulse wave index, physical and mental balance index, and diastolic index can be useful for studies of common sports such as running, hiking, and cycling. AI integrated into professional human kinetics studies can help in establishing a standardized and intelligent health data center.

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