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Smart Manufacturing Factory with AI-Powered


Smart Manufacturing Factory with AI-Powered | Onyx Healthcare

Onyx Healthcare built a completely new automated factory and the National Science and Technology Center will be able to set up a new automated factory soon. A complete new automation factory provides one stop manufacturing service, a product quality control, a high-temperature and high-density sintering machine room, a high-temperature sintering machine room, Voltage Leakage Test, A automatic Burn-in Conveyor Table, T2 Testing Area, Face Recognition Access Control and a dust-free room for fully automatic transportation tracks. The company adheres to sustainable management and responds to trends, making changes to the organization to provide a comfortable and safe production and working environment, including all production lines, lighting, equipment, and air conditioning, so that colleagues can improve their performance. Our goals are to achieve greater production efficiency while providing customers with high-quality medical products.


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