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Onyx Healthcare wins at the 20th National Innovation Awards


Onyx’s Medical Surgical Robotic AI Image Computing Platform (ACCEL-VM1000) was awarded the "Enterprise 
Innovation Award" for its innovative technology at the 20th National Innovation Awards.


John Chuang

Onyx’s Surgical Robotic AI Image Computing Platform (ACCEL-VM1000) is a high performance medical grade AI inferencing engine server designed to be integrated with various medical imaging systems, and to service medical imaging equipment manufacturers in America, Europe and Asia. Onyx strives to continue improving care coordination with state-of-the-art medical AI technology to assist physicians in efficient diagnostic and treatment decision making. We are honored to be awarded the "Enterprise Innovation Award" at the 20th National Innovation Awards series.. 

John Chuang
President of Onyx Healthcare Inc.






The ACCEL-VM1000 supports robotic surgical systems, advanced medical care, transparent medical imaging equipment learning and other technologies which analyze CT/MRI/X light for medical imaging. It can also interpolate 2D medical imaging system information into 3D for surgeons to better understand the anatomy of an affected area, enhance surgical specifications and operational precision, and automatically learns surgical procedures to improve the surgical process, and improves surgical safety and effectiveness. 



The ACCEL-VM1000 can support two NVIDIA high-grade screen cards simultaneously, thus reducing any potential lag in displaying images when the system processor is under heavy rendering load. The ACCEL-VM1000 supports the latest Intel 13th generation processor with 50% improved CPU efficiency compared to the first generation to provide the best medical AI calculation ability. The ACCEL-VM1000 integrates a 7” medical touchscreen supporting medical glove contact. 


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