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World Leading 12” Medical Tablet Designed for Multi-Care Flow - MD116E




Due to the aging global population, Onyx Healthcare is committed to design smart mobile assistive devices to aid elderly and disabled individuals revitalize their social lives,thereby fulfilling its corporate social responsibility.Therefore, Onyx Healthcare developed a series of mobile tablets,which not only feature robust exterior housing capable of preventing damage caused by frequent movements, but also have passed strict medical grade certifications,and are thus suitable for medical professionals as well as home patients.With the compact lightweight design, long battery life, bright display, and waterproof construction,the device is not limited to indoor use.Patients are free to go outdoors and make adjustments to their lives. In addition, the exclusive cradle design enables easy coupling and detachment of Onyx tablets on various wheelchairs, beds, and carts,allowing it to be easily transported.



MD116E   MD116E


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