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Onyx Healthcare wins three 2023 Taiwan Excellence Awards

Taiwan Excellence Awards

Onyx is honored to have won multiple awards for innovative technology in 2023 Taiwan Excellence Awards with medical imaging AI computing platform (ACCEL-JS500), medical augmented reality AI image computing platform (ACCEL-VM500),  and 4-slot hot swappable battery power bank (UPower-Pro43). With more than 10 years of experience creating innovative medical computer-related products for hospitals operating rooms, nursing stations 
and ambulance centers, Onyx has a proven track record as a leader and trend setter in medical computing and communication technology.

Taiwan Excellence Awards

Onyx products are sold in many professional markets including European and American medical institutions. Keeping in line with the latest trends, our AI medical image development kits are being launched to accelerate learning and recognition of medical images. We have also developed a remote software and hardware integration platform so that medical technology is more accessible to the public. 

In recent years, the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and medical applications is expected to improve the quality of medical treatment through precision medicine. As a leader in the medical computer industry, Onyx strengthens its core competencies in cooperation with Intel, NVIDIA and other AI technology leaders to develop medical AI-ready technology platforms to contribute to the future needs of society and the world through innovative products and services, with an enhanced corporate brand image, and renewed focus on business values and international competitiveness. 


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