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Onyx ACCEL-JS500 powered by NVIDIA Jetson which supports aetherAI colonoscopy AI detector to increase the inspection efficiency

Medical AI

Onyx continues to make advances in developing AI smart medical care devices and is optimistic about the business opportunities of precision medicine. To achieve greater penetration into the AI medical device market, Onyx has formed an alliance with aetherAI, the leading medical imaging AI solution provider, based in Taiwan for development of real-time AI-powered colorectal polyp detection, to cooperate with and promote a real-time AI solution for colonoscopy examination.

Medical AI

The Onyx ACCEL-JS500 supports an NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier artificial intelligence edge module, providing up to 32 TOPS of AI computing performance. With its advantages of easy cleaning, large heat dissipation and small form factor, the ACCEL-JS500 can be integrated into medical equipment according to users’ specific requirements. 


The ACCEL-JS500 can help with the rapid deployment of software, such as with Onyx’s cooperation with with aetherAI to jointly develop the real-time AI-powered colorectal polyp detection solution. This solution, aetherAI Endo, collaborating with National Taiwan University Hospital and Cathay General Hospital is trained to perform polyp detection with a high accuracy of 95%, aims to help improve the quality and consistency of colonoscopy.

aetherAI Endo solution is specifically developed to improve real-time polyp detection during colonoscopy. Morethere, Onyx ACCEL-500 and aetherAI Endo solution have obtained GMP and ISO13485 quality certification for medical equipment. aetherAI development team also gives high recognition to Onyx ACCEL-JS500. As a leading medical computer manufacturer, Onyx will continue to provide the best medical AI platform to customers in the future.


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