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New Venus 4th Generation Venus-224/244

Windows 11 medical PC

Since the 1st generation of Venus was launched in 2013, we have taken the market by storm with our special dual hot-swappable battery design, selling nearly 40,000 Venus units and 200,000 batteries in more than 1,000 hospitals around the world. After eight years of leading the way with our revolutionary products, we are poised to evolve yet again and push the boundaries even farther.  Today, I’m very happy to announce the launch of the 4th generation of our Venus line of products.

With innovative functions that cross generations, we are ready to continue dominating the market again.

Intel® 10nm Tiger Lake Processor

The 4th generation Venus is powered by the latest 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors that deliver a balance of performance and responsiveness in a low-power platform built on the third-generation 10nm process technology. The platform combines a high-performance CPU, up to 23% faster single thread performance, and up to 19% faster multi-thread performance. With new Intel® Iris® Xe graphics, the platform offers up to 2.95 times faster graphics performance, plus PCI Express 4.0 and Thunderbolt™ 4/USB4.
Engineered to deliver optimum results for IoT markets, these processors can support low-latency and time-sensitive applications, and have the power to run multiple workloads including AI and deep learning applications on a single platform.

Dual hot-swappable batteries 

Naturally, Venus retains its signature feature of dual hot-swappable batteries. The hot-swappable battery design allows any Venus with dead batteries to come immediately back to full power without the need to wait for charging. The new Venus is still compatible with the original battery system, but we have strengthened the waterproofing of the battery bay, as well as simplified the battery switch-out process, improving from the original 3 second, two-step process to a one step execution that takes only 1 second.

Onyx Smart Screensaver 

Differing from the traditional Windows screensaver, the Onyx smart screensaver can automatically log out and close the screen in just a few seconds after a user walks away from the computer, protecting sensitive information and increasing power savings. The Onyx smart screensaver is simple to set up through our exclusive IR technology and does not require any personal information. Even wearing a mask does not affect its functionality.

Slim Design 

In the past, in order to achieve medical grade protection, computers often needed to be bulky and heavy. Through the efforts of the Onyx team, we have broken through this limitation, offering users medical-grade protection in a lighter, slimmer, and more modern design.

DC output (optional) 

Our users chose Venus to replace the bulky batteries of traditional battery care carts, meaning that Venus should provide support as a power output device for additional power to secondary devices when needed. The optional 50W DC output allows users to easily connect dual monitors, thermal printers and other external devices without the need to prepare additional power.

Onyx RushRecovery(optional) 

As computers become more powerful, the number and complexity of their operations grow. When PC settings are changed unexpectedly, they can often cause a computer to crash. In hospitals, patient safety often includes a race against time, where computer crashes must be recovered from as quickly as possible. RushRecovery is a solution designed by Onyx and Apacer that can restore your system’s original state, allowing hospitals to deal with computer abnormalities with almost no loss to data or productivity.

Reading light/UV light (optional) 

In the previous generation of Venus, the reading light was a very distinctive part of the design that allowed users to complete their work more easily in dim environments. With this new generation we will provide another option, by  upgrading the reading light to a UV light, so that when the cart sits idle, it can effectively assist in disinfecting the desktop and nearby equipment.

Alarm LED (optional) 

A customized RGB LED can be installed on the upper front side of the Venus and connect to applications to act as an intuitive reminder, for example, as an emergency call bell, or equipment malfunction warning light.

Customizable button (optional) 

A customizable button can be installed on the underside of the Venus that can link to applications to trigger special functions such as turning off the LCD, or calling for help.

Barcode reader (optional) 

A facedown barcode reader can be installed on the underside of the Venus for scanning medicines or receipts.

Extending battery life/run time 

Battery management is a hidden IT cost for hospitals, so allowing a battery to run longer and with more cycles will save on these kinds of expenses, whether it is in management costs or battery procurement costs. With the user's consent, the new generation of Venus can collect battery usage behavior with ORION and then calculate the best settings for each battery to extend its life and cycles. This backward compatible technology even works with old batteries.

Extension bracket (optional)

Depending on how the Venus is installed, users will need something on which to place items. The Venus is designed with a bracket that can be extended to conveniently place items such as a barcode reader and thermal printer.

Dual Wi-Fi & dual SSD 

Venus has built-in dual M.2 slots supporting two Wi-Fi modules for devices such as endoscopes, ultrasound and other devices that require a large bandwidth wireless network connection. Venus can connect to the Internet and these devices at the same time, to easily transfer images to the network in real time.
The dual SSD design also allows users to separate the operating system from the data storage area, so that data is better protected.


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