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Li-ion 3S2P battery pack 10.9V 8400mAh

Product Feature

  • Compatible with all Venus-series and all UPower-series
  • X1.5 battery capacity increase
  • Supports remote management software (ORION)
  • Battery capacity indicator button
  • Medical grade certified (with Venus)
  • Lightweight design


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Main Specifications
Battery Type 3S3P / 9 Cell Li-ion battery
Battery Voltage 10.9V
Battery Capacity 8400mAh
Warranty 1 year
Charging time 3hrs for 90% ; 3.5hrs for 100% ( with UPower Pro-series)
Safety Supports protection from over-voltage (inputand output), over-current (input and output),
short circuit, over-charge, over-discharge, and battery Positive Temperature Coefficient(PTC)
Compatible Venus all series, UPower all series
Certification UL, CE, IEC-60950-1, IEC-62133-1
Mechanical and Environmental
Architecture ABS + PC
Color White
Dimension 122(L) x79(W) x 50 (H) mm
Packing Size 220(L) x 180(W) x 80(H) mm
Gross Weight 1.3kg (2.87 lbs)
Net Weight 0.5kg (1.10 lbs)
Battery LED Indicator
One LED Flashing 0%~5% capacity
One LED Lighting 5%~20% capacity
Two LED Lighting 20%~40% capacity
Three LED Lighting 40%~60% capacity
Four LED Lighting 60%~80% capacity
Five LED Lighting 80%~100% capacity




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